Home Server Installation

One of the most popular home servers that people install to their computers is the Windows Home Server, click here if you want to learn more about the Windows Home Server. Home servers a becoming more popular because they allow you to store all of the information on your computers in one place, which frees up more space on your computer. And installing a home server is actually pretty easy. For an example of how easy it is, here is how you would install the Windows Home Server.

It doesn’t matter what home server you want to install on your computer, most come with clear instructions on how to do it or you could go online and see how to set up your home server, with videos and articles on the process. Before you start up your computer, you first what to disconnect the FireWire or external USB from your server. Then you want to turn your computer on and insert the installation disk. Then restart your computer, when it gives you the press any key message. The installation wizard will pop up on your screen. Click on new installation and start to follow the props.

Remember that before you start the installation of the home server that all of your folders and files on your hard drive will be deleted once you install the software. That is why you should back up everything before you start. Once you click install it will take about thirty minutes to complete the process. Then you follow the screens to enter your key codes and network name and password. If you are having problems with setting up your home server then visit this website. It should help you troubleshoot any problems and give you a more detailed step by step process of how to set up your home server.

Pros and Cons of the Internet

The internet is a global network that connects other computer networks. It uses the standard internet protocol suite to connect millions of computers. It allows people from different parts of the world to access a lot of information resources from the computers. Just like anything else, internet has its benefits and disadvantages too.


1.Access of information

Through the internet,you can easily and quickly access any type of data that you need. All you need to do is to use the search engines that are made available in the internet. It can help you do research in area of interest as it will readily supply the information that you need.


Internet allows you to send electronic messages to anyone in any part of the world.These messages reach the recipient instantly and thus helps to do away with the delay that was been caused by the handwritten letters.

3.Buying and selling of products and services

Internet allows you to conduct business at the comfort of your home.If you need to do shopping,all you need is to search online and order the products you need. Also, if you want to sell a product or a service, you can easily advertise it online and get a buyer.

4.Social media

It facilitates the existence of social media such as the Facebook ,twitter and whatsapp. It is therefore easy for you to chat with your friends and also to make lots of new friends.

5.Download software

It enables you to download movies,songs,videos and games from online.



Online pornography videos are easily accessible and can be of bad influence to young kids.This has actually resulted into moral decay in the society.

2.Internet addiction

It can result into addiction whereby one spends a lot of time in the internet.This results into wastage of time and money that is needed to access the internet.

3.Personal information

If you use the internet,your private information can be accessed by an unauthorized people.It therefore interferes with ones privacy and confidentiality.

Although internet comes with some disadvantages,it confers more benefits to you.It has changed the world through provision of lots of information and has thus promoted education and knowledge in the world.

Beginners Guide to Programming

Hey there! Welcome to my blog.  I’m a computer programmer and really like to share my knowledge with others.  For my first post here, I wanted to share this great video on programming for beginners.  If you have questions just ask!  Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks Sammy Hegab for the video!