Stride The Recovery Road With A Tenable Truck Accident Claim

Collisions that involve trucks aren't just more complicated because of the enormous size or mass of the ginormous truck. Most of the cargo and materials which these trucks convey are hazardous and caustic, and this leaves the less shielded passengers and drivers in the smaller vehicle far worse off than the truck driver during a collision. Investigations of a trucking accident often call for nifty lawyers to come onto the scene, as there's always a need for more rigorous analyses of documents and evidences.

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Though trucking accident claims are similar to car wreck cases, the following reasons places them on a much higher scale:


Negligence of Standards of Care

The starting point of the investigation is the determination of what safety measures the driver failed to yield to. No matter how hard the driver squeezes on the brakes, the truck must take more time and space to come to a full halt because of it's sheer weight, especially if it's trundling over a highway. Veering a truck also requires much more space than a smaller vehicle would. The miscalculation of stopping distance by truck drivers is a leading cause of trucking accidents, and this negligence can result in the victims of the crash being permanently injured or killed.

A truck driver's job is undeniably demanding. Under such a pressure, he or she may be off driving too quickly or following too up close to the vehicle in front. If the driver finds it difficult to stop the truck abruptly in an instance, and then rear-ends a vehicle, causing serious injuries to the occupants, a negligence-related claim can be filed against the truck driver.


Trucking Company Liability

A victim can rightfully claim damages against the trucking company or both the employers and the employees. By accessing the company's records, which the state law obliges the company to properly document, a lawyer could prove the trucking company is liable for failing to hire or train a competent driver. Also, the company may be found liable for negligence of vehicle safety maintenance and for failing to enforce safe driving policies.  


Infringement of the Commercial Driver's License Regulations

With their variant Commercial Driver's License Regulation, each of the state strives to regulate the truck driver's activities on the road, in a bid to curb much of the menace that truck drivers do pose on the other road users. Nonetheless, some truck drivers will violate a number of clauses in these regulations and may end up setting off trucking accidents. Read more about these regulations here

Failure to Observe the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Another set of regulations mandated upon the trucking industry is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, FMCSR. Trucking accident claims may be predicated on the violation of one or more clauses in the FMCSR regulation by a truck driver. Read more about these regulations here: