Injuries Suffered in Truck Accidents

Truck accidents cause can serious damage to whatever/whomever they strike. Most injuries caused and suffered are more severe compared to those witnessed in in cars. There are a number of injuries suffered in truck accidents – these include:

Head injuries

Head trauma can result in brain damage which will definitely alter the victim’s life. The worst part is that brain injuries can occur without having had a head trauma for example in cases of deceleration, whiplash or rapid acceleration. Symptoms here may include; nausea, confusion, vision problems, memory loss including other cognitive difficulties. Truck Accident Lawyers

Back and Neck injuries

This may be minor or serious injuries. The minor injuries here can be neck pain and for the serious part may be dislocated discs within the spine. Since your neck and back are so critical, these injurieswill definitely affect productivity.

Broken bones

Most truck accidents are very powerful. This means that broken bones are mostly witnessed in different scenarios. Depending on which part of the body is affected, any broken bone is an injury that will alter the normal way of living. 


Lacerations and cuts from truck accidents can sometimes be serious and often result in massive scars that would no longer heal. This will be more expensive when one decides to involve him- or herself with cosmetic procedures. Truck Accident Attorney


Some of the injuries caused by trucks may also lead to spinal cord injuries and paralysis. At first, the damage can fail to show which is why medical experts recommend that any person involved in a truck accident should ensure that he/she seek medical attention.


Statistics show that truck or trailer accidents are 10-times more likely to cause death compared to the small vehicles. Death of a loved one is heartbreaking to any family or friends. It is for this reason that you need an experienced truck accident lawyer to hold the company involved accountable. Although what you’ve already lost can never be replaced, it is necessary that you receive a reliable compensation to cater for your needs.  Truck Accident Attorneys